Check In Tablet


Don't be chained to reception - check your guest in from anywhere with our mobile software

Hotel Intel's mobile software allows you to check your guests in from anywhere, meaning you don't need to be chained to reception. This will allow your front desk operations to be streamlined and as productive as possible.


Simplify the check in process for your guests and your reception team

Hotel Intel's check in tablet is a bright, clean, easy to use interface that has real time integration with Rezlynx. You can search for any of that day's arrivals and see at a glance whether or not your guests are checked in. The pre populated check in form based on the booking makes life quick and easy for guests and they can amend the form if necessary.


  • Real time integration with Rezlynx
  • Searchable list of that day's arrivals
  • Pre populated check in form based on the booking, that can be amended by the guest
  • Signature capture
  • Automatically email check ins to your team with the booking form
  • Fully searchable history of bookings
  • Customisable design using your branding which can be updated from the HotelIntel web portal